on November 14, 2019 Retail Insights

4 Display Tips to Remember for Your Small Business

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While running a small business, you have to perform many duties to keep your company running smoothly. Your days are spent picking the products, balancing the books, and running day-to-day operations, but what about your retail displays? More than likely, gussying up your displays falls to the bottom of your to-do list. Simplify your day and maximize your visual merchandising plan by using the following tips:


1. "Feel" The Room

Your space is the most crucial part of implementing visual merchandising, so you should plan how to use your space carefully. You wouldn’t want to overwhelm a small space by placing over-sized shelves or underwhelm a larger area with space-saving racks. Find your own “Goldilocks” effect – display racks that are just right!

2. Purpose or Re-Purpose 

Now that you have evaluated your space, what do you want your displays to do? Do you want your racks to highlight a new product of yours or seamlessly blend in with your space? Will you be reusing your racks or use them for a one-time promotion? Sometimes the product can sell itself and sometimes you might be pushing one product specifically. But assigning your displays a specific purpose will help organize the store and save you time.

3. Imitate...

This one may take some research but a lot of it has already been done for you. Larger businesses may have access to marketing teams but that doesn’t mean you can’t take notes! Pay attention to retail trends while out and about including attractive colors, design formats, or even the height or location of items displayed in a store.

4. ….Yet Personalize

There is nothing wrong with imitating good aspects and paying attention to marketing trends is important but staying true to your business vision is the priority. You can keep your visual merchandising consistent with your brand through customizing the personality you want to portray. This can be done as early as the purchasing stage by choosing custom features for retail display or even taking what display racks you have and reviving it with new colors, signs, or decorations.


Maybe you have a general idea of what your small business needs but want more guidance. Our Spectas sales team can help navigate the best display options for you from size dimensions to shelving options and more! Call 1-800-251-6308 to speak to one of our team members today!