on November 15, 2019 Spectas News

Form, Function, & Flexibility Meet Instore at Old Navy

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One of our favorite projects for client, Blackhawk Network, is an example of how form, function and flexibility came together to create the perfect display solution for their retail partner, Old Navy. The fixture had to require minimal setup and the ability to secure easily to a number of existing instore fixtures, varying in size and dimension. In addition, the project called for interchangeable graphics and interior storage. Units needed to ship to 500+ different retail locations across the country less than six weeks from the start of the project.

To meet the client objective, our dedicated Account Service team followed our quality assurance protocols established at the inception of the project. Bringing the client in on a video reviews of  the units at all key phases kept us in close collaboration. Additionally, the account team met weekly with the client and logistics teams. As is customary, daily shipping and logistics reports were generated and shared. The high-level of communication kept the door open for Spectas to pivot and respond quickly and accurately. Ensuring  the timeline would be met and that the end-product would perform as expected was our highest priority.

When it comes to tackling complex client needs, does your visual merchandising team give your project the hands-on attention to detail it deserves? At Spectas, we track the life of each and every fixture we design, fabricate and ship, start-to-finish, every time and on time. Bring us YOUR biggest challenge today. Contact Spectas at www.spectas.global/contact or call 1-800-251-6308.